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Fixed Wireless

Connect your home or business through our fixed wireless solution.  By utilising an exisiting fibre network and telecommunications tower, we are able to provide you with a wireless internet from the fibre network.

Using these towers, we place sectors that are capable of sending a wireless broadband signal to a receiving dish on a mast that has been installed on your property roof.  The dish is then connected, by our contractors, via an Ethernet cable to inside your property to a termination point.  Your router will plug into this termination point and distribute a WiFi signal throughout your home or business.

Plans and Pricing

We offer a variety of plans suited for both commercial and residentials properties.  Because we provide a customised service to each client, it is best to call us on (08) 8502 9180 in order to best discuss your needs and get plan best suited to you.


How does Fixed Wireless work?

Our service is a mixture fixed wireless and fibre technology. A mast is installed with a dish on your roof which connects to a local tower and receives an Internet signal. We connect our towers by backhauling fibre through our network.

Is this the same as NBN?

While not the same, fixed wireless is a great alternative to the NBN. It provides fast internet connections where the NBN may not be available or does not provide the speeds needed. This enables users an alternative to switching to the NBN but still allow stable and fast speeds.

Do I need a landline?

Absolutely not! WiFi is delivered directly to your property through the dish on your roof and thus, bypasses the need for a landline.

You're installing what on my roof!?

A mast is installed onto your roof, where a receiving dish will be placed in the best possible spot to be in line of sight to the closest tower. This is approx. 1.8 to 2.4 metres and this allows us to provide you with a fast connection to the internet. Just think of a much smaller foxtel dish!

Can I get VoIP?

Unfortunately not at this time