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So what is a Hotspot?

A Hotspot is a physical location where people can access the internet, usually by WiFi, via a wireless local area network (or a WLAN) with a router connected to an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  This is perfect for businesses who wish to provide their clients with internet while they visit or stay at their establishments.  It’s a known fact that the first thing most patrons do is see if there is WiFi to connect to and it is a great way to increase customer satisfaction within your business.

To create a Mayshotspot Hotspot, all you need is a broadband with high-speed internet and a compatible WiFi Router, it’s THAT easy.

Why Choose Us

  • Provides security for your Hotspot
  • Perfect for business advertisement
  • Afforadable with up to date technology
  • We cater to YOU, giving a customisable service unique to your business

Security is key

Our software keeps Wi-Fi users away from your internal network. That means you are safe from Internet threats and people who want to harm you. The Mayshotspot firewall also keeps Wi-Fi users safe because Hotspot owners can’t obtain user details when they login to a Mayshotspot Hotspot.  Our robust security sets us apart from other Wi-Fi Hotspot systems.

This will ensure that both you and your customers are secure on all sides.  At Mayshotspot, we believe that creating a secure network for both you and your customers is paramount when it comes to running a safe and reliable Hotspot that benefits everyone.

We Spread the word

When you activate your Mayshotspot Hotspot, your location will be instantly shown on our website, advertising it to the world.  This is a great way to advertise your business and bring in better business.  With the internet being one of the highest media traffic pathways, your business will be seen by more people on a larger scale with minimal effort.

Interested?  Get a free trial!

Already got broadband?  Awesome!  All you need now is a Mayshotspot-enabled WiFi router to start your 30-day, no-risk trial.

Why not give us a go you will not be disappointed!

Let us show you how easy it is to enchance your business with affordable pricing today.  Since each connection is customised to you, call us to discuss your network needs and get a free quote!

Supported Devices

We support many hardware and firmware which you can use to run the client software directly. It will communicate with our web, database and radius servers and handle redirection and authentication.