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Point to Point Wireless Solutions

If you want more than one site to be linked, then we can install a wireless point to point solution. This will allow two buildings to operate on the same network, allowing a shared WAN connection and shared network resources.

With a P2P system we can provide a high speed wireless service to both business and residential clients. P2P systems can range in size from small installations to whole villages.

  • Vendors include Cisco, MikroTik and UniFi
  • Caters to commercial and residential
  • High speed wireless service
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Enhance your business

Whether you're the owner of a hotel or the owner of a caravan site we can provide a solution which is right for your customer base. The areas we can help with are bandwith management so all clients receive a good experience. No WiFi is better than bad WiFi. Find out how we can improve your customers connection whilst at your premises so they can provide positive feedback. Perfect for:

  • Hotel and Guest Houses
  • Holiday Parks
  • Camping, Caravan and Glamping sites
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Connect your community

We can install temporary WiFi connectivity solutions for indoor or outdoor events. Various solutions can be provided and we can work with the venue to provide the best solution for your event. We can also help with on site event marketing and data capture of clients to provide important feedback once the event has completed. This can be done by:

  • 3G/4G Solutions
  • Satellite and Bonded Lines
  • Fibre
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Manage your network

Data cabling is an important yet often overlooked element of any company's network infrastructure. Performance and reliability can be adversely affected by poor cabling, as well as hindering future expansion of your network to accommodate extra capacity or new technologies. Our engineers have extensive experience in the design and installation of future proof data cabling solutions.

  • Better performance and reliability
  • Efficient planning and design of cabling management
  • Easier expasion for a growing business
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Networking with ease

We can provide network troubleshooting for both commercial and residential network installations, regardless of size. Our team are experts in diagnosing connectivity or performance issues with all types of network equipment.

  • Commercial and residential services
  • Efficient diagnostic analysis
  • Knowledge of up to date technology
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Peace of mind

In today’s world with the growing concern for safety, closed circuit television systems have been named one of the top three deterrents for criminals in south australia.

  • Perfect for both commercial and residential
  • One of the top crime deterrents
  • Clear and affordable systems to give you peace of mind
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Branch out

Do you have high-speed Internet into your place? Why not share your connection and start making money?

To create a Mayshotspot Hotspot, all you need is broadband and a compatible Wi-Fi router.

  • Share with your community
  • Enhance your business
  • Available for both commercial and residential
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